Linea Antiqua

Linea Antiqua is a collection of luxurious Roman, Greek, Persian and Celtic-style furniture of the antique world. We are happy to offer items of other times and cultures as required.

The Divan
The elegant couch of the ancient world unites classical culture with modern style and lightness.
LINEA ANTIQUA applies the diversity of design passed down from Roman craftsmen and adds contemporary comfort to its handcrafted, custom-made one-offs. You are invited to "do like the Romans" and relax awhile on a divan. We will produce items to satisfy the individual needs of our customers.

Since the 6 th century BC a type of furniture had been known in Greece, which was made with softly curved head rests and elegantly covered mattresses - the "kline".
In very noble households everyday life took place on these pieces of furniture. Even in anitiquity people appreciated comfort! They received visitors while lying on their side. They wrote reposing on their side and meals were taken mostly while lying.
Chairs like the "klismo" were also in use. But it was a sign of a special style of life, to spend the day on a kline. Whole sets of klines with appropriate tables were located through the household. Normally, the host lay on the middle piece of furniture with the guests to his left and right.

Influential Celtic princes imported some of those extraordinary pieces to Germany.