The furniture

The designs for our furniture are based on the remains of wooden items found during archeological excavations such as at Pompeii or other classical sites. Preserved pieces of marble or bronze and depictions on murals or rock reliefs and pottery also contribute important information on the details of Roman, Greek, Persian and Celtic style.

Our furniture is made in the old handcraft tradition, using massive construction of beech, cherry or other kinds of hardwood.

The divan
The template for this model was found in the Roman town of Vindonissa in Switzerland. As in antiquity we produce our "kline" as single or double beds - or as single or double divans with headrests.

Covering and upholstery:
Very little of the coverings and upholsteries of ancient Roman and Greek times has been preserved. Roman authors describe such colours as blue, red, purple, green, yellow, black and white. They also mention textiles with floral design, as well as gold brocade made of imported silk and linen.
Another material in use for textiles was horsehair. The stuffings of mattresses were made of goose down or horsehair.

Overall dimensions:
Available in any dimension (size of mattress + 24 cm)

Wood finish
Our furniture is treated with natural oil, waxed, or varnished with natural colours as desired.

Garden furniture
For furniture intended for out of door use we employ special varieties of timber.

Models and Replicas
For the purpose of exhibition we produce replicas in any size.